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Ok, may be your location is not within our Deliver2U zone and you want your pick-up order deliver to you.

Just Telegram/WhatsApp to let us know you need delivery request.  We will send you a link to fill in the necessary info and we will engage a rider to get your order delivered.  As simple as 123!

好的, 可能是你的位置不在我们的 Deliver2U 区域内, 但你希望您的点餐外送给你。

你只需 Telegram/WhatsApp,让我们知道您需要点餐外送。 我们将向您发送一个链接,以填写必要的信息,我们将聘请一个骑手外送你的点餐。 就如此简单!

QR - Pudu

Wait for the order to be accepted, then scan the sent QR code to you (via WhatsApp) to pay to Foong Lian Clay Pot Foods Café.
等待订单被接受,然后扫描发送给您的二维码(通过WhatsApp)以支付给 Foong Lian Clay Pot Foods Café

If you did not or can't receive the QR Code, you still can scan the one on this page to pay.

We can only start preparing your order once payment is received.